The Style of Giving

The Style of Giving

At Clothology:135, we find that it is not only important to have a beautiful outer style but an inner one as well. This means that we have decided to be more active in our local community.

Because of this decision we are starting our GIVING WITH STYLE program. Every month we will have our very own customers submit someone who they feel are deserving of financial support with an explanation of why or what has thrown at them. Please send this to with the recipient’s contact information  by the 20th of each month. We will then select someone who we feel could use a gift of encouragement. This gift will be 10% of one week’s sales. That includes  both online and in store purchases. 

Since this is the first month we are doing this program, and no submissions have been made, we decide to pick someone who we feel is deserving. So this month’s Recipient is little Marshall Ray Weiler and his family!  Marshall Ray Weiler is a miracle baby. Even before he was born he demonstrated resilience. In December 2016, he was diagnosed with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida at the L3/L4 area of his spine at 21 weeks gestation. On January 4th, 2017 he (and his mother, Sarah) received fetal surgery for spinal repair in utero at Mott’s Children Hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan. He was born at 35 weeks gestation and spent two weeks in the NICU. Marshall was noted to have spina bifida neurogenic bowel amd bladder, clubbed feet, and hydrocephalus. Prognosis for movement of his lower extremities was fair. He was otherwise a healthy happy baby and was welcomed home to Illinois by his big sister and brother.

Marshall, now two, has had ongoing physical and occupational therapy and has made great gains toward mobility. The fetal surgery likely prevented further damage to his spinal cord and brain. However, he has undergone multiple surgeries including the placement of a PV shunt to prevent inter-cranial pressure from the hydrocephalus, and bilateral tenatomy for clubbed feet.  He utilizes a wheelchair and a stander to engage in activities. He recently got HKFO’s (braces from the hip down) to assist in standing and practicing movement with a walker. Intensive therapy will be important for him to continue striving for independence.

Marshall and his family live in rural southeastern Illinois and has to regularly travel to St. Louis for specialized medical care. The cost of travel and medical expenses is ongoing and likely continue across his  lifespan.

Ironically, Marshall’s parents both work as therapists. Daniel is a physical therapist assistant and Sarah is a speech-language Pathologist. They both work hard to help their son when they aren’t helping others reach their therapy goals. With having two other children, it is a challenge to juggle all of the scheduling and financial demands of Marshall’s medical care. However, with family and community support, they strive to provide the most for all three of their kids.  

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