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Our story

Hey all, Pam here! 

      As the founder of Clothology:135, I wanted to shed some light on what went into the creation of our boutique! As a woman who loves to shop, I always found things that I LOVED or HATED about different shopping experiences. What drew me into shopping somewhere was a feeling. When I felt comfortable in the space and with the people of a store, I was almost always able to find something to add to my wardrobe. On the other hand, there is something about about certain stores that make it hard for me to even make it to the dressing room. So, with these ideals in mind, I wanted to create a space where women could feel comfortable, not only to find pieces similar to their current wardrobe, but to discover new layers to their style that they may not have known were there. a positive shopping experience. What better place to do that than in your own CLOSET!   

      As we began to fill the hollow space that became Clothology:135, we had YOUR dream closet in mind. From display layout, drawers to explore throughout the store, cozy dressing rooms, lounge, and style bar, our dream started to take form!