Finding The Unique in Uniformity

 It’s that time of year again for me. As I was folding our new white Principle jeans, I thought to myself, “Do I need these for Rush?”  For those who don’t know in a simplified version Rush or Recruitment is when Greek life opens their doors to host small parties for those who might want to join the organization. There are rules and regulations for both the Potential New Members and those in Greek life, and the process depending on your college campus can last either a weekend or two weeks. However, in Greek Life the planning for Rush can take months, they even now are working diligently so that these parties are not only fun for the those in attendance, but also that the organization shows a united front.


    My first Rush                                   My Last Rush

Even though I just graduated and am now Alumni, my mind was still preparing itself for the schedule that I would have been doing a year ago. Scrambling to get the outfits I needed so I could put my best foot forward for my chapter and sorority (Go Alpha Sigma Alpha!). For each day of Rush, we would be given a dress code and I loved trying to be creative with my uniform. Whether it was with my hair, makeup, or jewelry I always put my fashionista spin on it. I miss doing that now. The planning got me excited for everything that would happen and gave me something to look forward  to over the long summer months. My mom and I would search for months trying to find the perfect piece. It was something we bonded over, and now it makes me happy to see mothers and daughters preparing for their own Rush. Whenever I hear someone is preparing for Rush I always try to jump in helping both parties. Getting the daughter the cutest looks for her and helping the mother enjoy the process to come. 

While it sounds overwhelming, and I am not going to lie it can be for all parties involved. I am so glad I got to see both sides of the curtain. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. While I was probably the most stressed at those times, I was also the happiest. I was solidifying old bonds with my sisters and forging new ones with the new members. And weirdly, I think this was mostly because of a uniform. They were identifiers. It reinforced the bond with my sisters because not only did we all look alike but we were going through a shared experience. That showed to the Potential News Members and made them excited to experience the other side of Rush next year.                                   

I never really realized the power of a uniform until I no longer needed to be in one. Now I see them everywhere from athletes to bridesmaids. Uniforms don’t have to be in groups either; there is the option of a uniform of one. Meant to give the person a sense of streamlined ease, confidence, and form out of habit. Examples of this include Steve Jobs (obviously!), Janelle Monae (a KC native famous for wearing tuxedos when performing) and Paul Feig (he wears suits while spending long days in the director’s chair).


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So, I have to ask: Do you have a secret uniform? I think we all do without realizing it. I know I have one or two. In the winter its jacket (typically a motorcycle jacket) + a cozy sweater + jeans + Chelsea boots = uniform equation. For the summer uniform its stripes and any form of stripes. They are a weakness of mine and make a majority of my closet. Or have you even discovered the power of the uniform yet? Because if not I encourage you to find it. Whether its with others or for yourself. The discovery is the joy. And leave a comment about your uniform and the power it gives you, or the lack of one, I would love to hear from you!



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